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Are you planted by the waters? Are you trusting Jesus in every area of your life? Some years ago, our house developed a major water blockage, and I was using a water-hose in a desperate attempt to un-stop the main drain.  To say that I, and everything around me, was completely soaked would be an understatement. As might be expected the phone rant, and with the gushing water-hose in one hand I answered the phone with the other; without even saying "hello" a voice on the other other end blurted out, "And he shall be like a tree planted by the water!" God definitely has a sense of humor! My mother, who had no idea what I was doing at the time, was quoting what has become one of my favorite Scriptures. Jeremiah 17:7-8. Years later, in the midst of a morning devotion, I sensed the Holy Spirit ask "Do you trust me in every area of your life?"Again the scripture in Jeremiah 17:7 came to mind. I knew this scripture by heart, but this time it had a much deeper meaning message. Perhaps for the first time, I realized that God was describing a lifestyle that is based on complete trust and confidence in Him. He was asking, "Do you trust me in every area of your life, for anything you may encounter?" So i asked. are you trusting in Jesus for all your needs, in every area of your life? There is confidence in knowing that He will be with you in every situation and that He promises never to leave or abandon you. (Hebrew 13:5) In good times, tough times, or in a year of drought, you can be like the tree by the waters that does not fear or worry; whose leaves are always green and never fails to bear fruit.




Below are 10 interesting facts about Christianity & The Civil War.



1.Major rivials broke out in the Civil War armies. In the Union Army, between 100,000 and 200,000 soldiers were converted; among confederate forces, approximately 150,000 troops converted to Christ. Perhaps 10% of all Civil War soldiers experienced conversions during the conflict. 


2.Abraham Lincoln, though he knew the Bible thoroughly and spoke often of an Almighty God, was never baptized and was the only United States president never to join a church.


3.Before the Civil War, it was rare to find chaplains in American Armies. During the war, they earned a lasting place.


4.The Constitution of the Conferderate States of America specifically invoked "Almighty God"-unlike the U.S. Constitution. Further, the confederate Constitution prohibited the foreign slave trade.


5.Millions of tracts were distibuted to soldiers during the war. (Average price: $1500 for $1.) The U.S. Christian Commission alone distributed 30 million tracts, including many through a young agent named Dwight L. Moody.


6.Christian who opposed the war on religious grounds were often persecuted. The Brethren eventually were allowed to be exempted from military service, if they paid $500, but most suffered for their stance. 


7.Blacks were not allowed to serve as chaplains (or soldiers) until 1863. Altogether, 14 black chaplains served U.S. Regiments. 


8.Abraham Lincoln was the first President to  use the phrase, "This nation under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance.


9.Many Civil War generals stood do committed to observing the Sabbath that it influenced their military operations. 


10.Many preachers, especially the North, felt that though the war the final glorious reign of God would begin.




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